Monday, February 1, 2010

Ugh monday...

first of all hello to all my new followers!! thanks for all your comments girls, it means a lot to know that we're all in the same boat.

soo today was going great until dinnertime =(
all day i just had water and more water. i go to university so there is not really anyone watching to see if i'll eat, so it was easy to fast during the day. after school, i went to H's (my boyfriend) house. Now... he suggested we go out to dinner. i kept saying no no no lets see a movie or something else, but he was insistant on dinner. so off we go to the restaurant, and after a measly 10 hours, my fast was broken. =(

you will be happy to know however that i somewhat controlled myself lol. i was soo tempted by the turkey club sandwich, those are one of my all time favourite foods, BUT i ordered the baby spinach salad (251 cals) and had only half a roll (no butter, 50 cals), and drank only water with lemon.

so 301 cals, not too bad. but still unacceptable. the fast will resume tomorrow!

also i didnt manage to get any workout today unfortunately, being as i was at school from 10-4 and then went straight out with H. but tomorrow i have no school and dont work until 5, so im planning to work out from 10-2, doing various things like running, using our stationary bike, and some yoga. so i'll burn away tonights dinner in no time.

hope all you ladies are doing well!
stay strong,
s. xo


  1. don't be too put down by the break in your fast - 301 kcals is okay! Just don't let it put you off track, get straight back on your horse, and keep going with the fast! you can do it!
    stay strong honey! :)

  2. thanks darling!
    i hope your fast is going well =)

    s. xo

  3. You've displayed great self-control by ordering just a salad and having half a roll. It always is difficult for me when I go out to dinner because it would be just so easy to order something fattening or unhealthy. Stay strong!! :)