Thursday, February 11, 2010


hello girls! hope you all had nice days. i sure did!

to make up for my disgusting binge yesterday, (unfortunately i gained 2 lbs - weighed 111 again this morning) i decided to fast through today and tomorrow. today went really well! didnt eat a single thing, drank lots of water, and the only cals i consumed were from a skinny vanilla latte (90 cals). which is not bad at all, considering i just ran around at work for 5.5 hours, and also got some exercise with the boyfriend earlier ;) so all in all a successful day.

starting tomorrow, i have two weeks off school. they are calling it an "olympic break" lol, but basically its our spring break. this means the only real commitments i will have for two weeks are work, and the odd thing or two with certain people, so i will be utilizing this time to get in as much exercise as possible!

also, i need your help ladies! what should i get H for valentines day? we've been together almost a year now, so im willing to get him something nice lol. i was thinking maybe cologne and a nice leather belt or something, he isnt really one for chocolate and sweets. let me know if you have any ideas =)

anyway i now plan to get at least 10 hours of sleep, im too tired to even type anymore. and oh how it feels nice to get to bed on an empty stomach ;)

stay strong girls,
s. xo


  1. Well done for Thursday! Not eating a single thing is great :)
    Good luck for the 2 weeks, I know that when I have time off school, I usually find myself around people a lot which makes it hard, but I'm positive you'll be able to be a lot stronger than I am!
    Buy something for you, I'm sure he'd appreciate that more ;) and it would make you feel good, because eventhough you've gone through a bit of a rough patch lately, you've still lost a lot of weight :)
    Keep it up, good luck with the fast today!

  2. Good job fasting! Today I'm hoping to stay under 500 calories. I can't wait until I'm done with school so I can give my fast a try. haha.

    Good luck today, too!

  3. Hi I'm Helen!

    Congratulations on the good day! Really well done. I'm on break too atm, only for a week though, but still, its a break! Lots and lots of time to exercise :)