Sunday, January 31, 2010


my vice.
i know so many of the drinks are super high fat/calorie, not to mention stupidly overpriced.. yet i cant get enough of it! i have one pretty much everyday, or at least four or five times a week..
yuck, i know.

i do try to get the drinks to be somewhat healthy (non-fat, no whip, etc) but wouldnt it be lovely to be able to simply eliminate something that is so obviously contributing to my grotesque fat belly. but no matter how hard i try i always end up going back.. BUT as with food, this calls for extreme willpower. i am better than starbucks, i dont need it. from now on i will limit myself to one a week.

do any of you have vices like this?
and what are your favourite "healthy" starbucks treats?

work was nice and long today... super busy, so no time to eat even if i wanted to! had about three coffees with one packet of 2 cal sweetener in each, and a whole load of water with lemons. so along with the english muffin i had for breakfast, today i will have consumed... somewhere around 200-250 cals?

not bad for a restriction day =)

i plan to start my fast tomorrow. water and coffee only, until wednesday! wish me luck!

s. xo


  1. the best thing to get at starbucks is a tall skinny vanilla latte.. 90 calories.

    there is also this vanilla rubios tea latte.. or something like that, and I am positive it has less cals... but it is just not as good!

  2. yeah the tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte is also only 90 cals.. and a venti is only 160 cals! i do find that the taste is somewhat sacrificed though unfortunately lol but i guess thats the price to pay

  3. If I go to Starbucks I'll get a venti skinny latte :)
    Coffee also curbs my hunger, so I don't mind having a few extra kcals in it!
    I don't intend to eat til wednesday either, so we'll see how that goes! Let me know how you get on!
    Stay strong honey, you can do it!
    :) x

  4. Hey, I'm Emma!

    The other day I ordered a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, it was good, and only 90 calories. Also, I never get whipped cream!!!

    Sounds like you're doing a great job! :)

  5. I honestly go for fat, not carbs or sugar. I feel so full and am able to easily (and painlessly) keep my calories down.
    Sort of like extreme Atkins.
    I go for sugar free iced caramel macchiato with heavy cream and splenda.
    When I do not binge, I can lose 3lbs a week easily.

    BTW... LOOOVE the reverse thinspo.

    So often I see an obese arm reaching out of the car in a McD's drive through, ewww.
    It is motivating in a sick way.