Tuesday, February 2, 2010

113.5 !

my weight today: 113.5!
even after eating yesterday. hopefully my scale isnt tricking me.. its pretty old. i'll have to get my mom to buy a new one soon, preferrably a digital one. that way i can know for sure exactly how well/badly im doing!

i am resuming my fast today (water and coffee only). it will be easy enough not to eat, because i'll be home alone all day up til 4:30. my mom will offer me a snack before work, and i'll just tell her i've already eaten, and then when i get home from work and she offers me dinner i'll just tell her i've eaten at work! thats definitely an upside of working in a restaurant, its so easy to say i've had a meal of two and there will be no suspicion at all.

as some of you may know, the 2010 olympics are coming to my hometown this year. its pretty exicting, downtown is all decorated and dressed up and there is so much buzz around the city, everyone is counting down the days! i was downtown a few weeks ago, and it all looks quite lovely, theres great big posters hanging up on all the skyscrapers and olympics paraphenalia everywhere you look. many people are rather irritated with it at this point, before its even started lol, but i figure why not embrace it. it will be good for our city =)

anyway im off to do some exercise, ill post more later. keep thinking thin girls!

s. xo

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