Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Horrible day ...

so today was, as the title states, a rather horrible day.
i started off the morning with a small bowl of low-fat oatmeal (160 cals). that was nice as it got my metabolism going for the day and it kept me full throughout the morning. now that was all i was planning on eating today, maybe a small vegetable snack after work, but sadly my mother foiled this plan.

she arrived home an hour before i was supposed to go to work, so she starts making food. i told her i was just going to eat at work, but she was like no no ive already started making you something. so i start thinking of how i can avoid this meal but there really wasnt any way around it. you are all going to cry when i tell you what she made me...


at a lovely 210 cals apiece, she sat there and made me eat 4 of them while she watched. FOUR?! seriously mom like i get you want me to eat but i dont get why you want me to be obese.. you basically just force-fed me 840 cals, fucking EW. so right after dinner i ran upstairs and did the gross thing, tried to purge them, but i've always been the worst at making myself throw up; i just couldnt. so off to work i went, with a fat ass potbelly.

im so choked =( today was supposed to be under 300 cals.. and im probably over 1000 now. fuck. well i'll be fasting tomorrow, thats for sure.

on top of all that, today was a longggg day. i had a geography class from 8am til 12pm, and then i had my criminology midterm right away after that which took 2 hours, and then by the time i got home i had enough time to have a 15 minute nap (and scarf down 29384720873 calories) before racing off to work and now at 11pm i am finally home. and now i have a lovely bunch of homework to do for tomomorrow.

anyway i hope you lovelies all had a better day than i did. stay strong girls, keep thinking thin!

s. xo


  1. Don't worry too much about today honey!
    Just keep going - tomorrow's another day. A fast sounds good :)
    Think thin, you can do this!

  2. Everyone has tough days, and everyone has those people in their life that are always trying to butt in and tell you what to do - I'm sorry you had a shitty day!

  3. I know this isnt what you want to hear, but sometimes its good to shock your metablism into working harder to digest food by eating mroe than narmal every once in a while, so now it will work hard to digest what you ate today...then continue working hard for the next few days! so fast away! it will only help!