Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fast complete .. kind of

okay so! as i mentioned before, thursday was the perfect fast day, i consumed no food whatsoever and the only calories i got were liquid: a 90 cal skinny vanilla latte. yesterday was going great as well. i managed to miss breakfast and lunch, and i got out of eating mcdonalds with H as i told him i had eaten subway just before i picked him up. he bought it, so he ate alone.

honestly, i worry about H sometimes. its not like he's obese or anything, but he's got a pretty big belly going on.. all he really eats is restaurant food or delivered pizza, or mcdonalds or a&w or other brutal fast food. when im with him i try to convince him to eat healthier, but that really only lasts for a day or two. his excuse will be, "oh i havnt had mcdonalds yet this week, one big mac isnt going to kill me!" i know one wont kill you darling, but the dozen you've already eaten this month do start to add up. i worry about his health. he never exercises, and the only real workouts he gets is work (he works in a hardware store, so lots of heavy lifting, moving things around, lots of walking) and sex lol. i tried to bring it up with him yesterday after he had eaten the mcdonalds he insisted on getting, but he got all sore with me and changed the subject. i love him so much girls, i dont want to see him get sick or have his life cut short because of the stupid eating habits he had as a teenager. what can i do to better convince him to eat healthy without hurting his feelings?

anyway back to yesterday. it was all great until about 8.30, when H's mom orders pizza. now ive been with H for a few hours now so he knows i havnt eaten, and i didnt want to be rude to H's mom (she is the sweetest thing ever), so i had 2 pieces. it was pizza hut veggie lovers pizza (210 cals a slice), so it wasnt as bad as it could have been. i thought okay, its basically the end of my fast anyway. after that i planned not to eat anymore for the night, and nothing else today until dinner tonight. but then about an hour later, H's brother P walks in with mcdonalds sundaes for us... OMG mcdonalds will not leave me alone. i cant really say no to that either, since he bought it for me and sat with us to eat them. so that was 350 cals. bringing my daily total to 770 cals. not too bad, but definitely not what i was aiming for.

good news though; this morning, i am back down to 110!

tonight, H and i are going out to eat (sigh). we are going to Montanas Steakhouse. thankfully they have a menu and nutritional info online, so i already know what im having, the feta greek salad (only 200 cals!). i always have water with dinner, so no worries about that. if H insists on getting a starter, ill not have any and say im saving myself for my meal. anyway that 200 cals will be ALL i eat today.

did any of you watch the opening ceremonies for the olympics last night? i thought they were pretty good.. its more exciting that all this is happening 45 minutes from my house!! i am going downtown tomorrow with H, i want to see the olympic torch and the athletes villages and all that. pics to come!

hello to my new followers! glad to see you've taken an interest in me =) hopefully we can support each other and help each other along.

anyway i hope you all have a good day today, stay strong and starve on.

s. xo

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  1. The opening ceremonies were so cool! I'm jealous you live so close :)