Monday, February 15, 2010

happy valentines

hey girls, hope you all had a nice valentines day yesterday!

it was a great day! H totally spoiled me. he got me the most adorable white teddy bear, and it talks! lol so cute, if you speak to it, it'll respond with stuff like "aw, i love you too!" or "give me a hug", its so sweet. he also gave me this MASSIVE heart filled with fancy chocolate. since they are 75 cals apiece, i will have one chocolate on my good days as a reward to myself =)

so we started our day off going to one of the fancier shopping district in our area. H bought me two jackets, a pair of sunglasses, and a dress (told you he spoils me lol). he of course wanted to stop for a snack so we went to orange julius, he got a drink and i just had a small sip of his smoothie. after that we jumped on the train and went downtown. everything is all decorated and lovely for the olympics.. what we really wanted to see what the olympic cauldron with the flame, but for some reason they had a huge 10-foot high fence around it, so the closest you could get was 500 feet away =( it was still neat to see though. in other olympic news, canada won its first gold medal yesterday!! quite exciting.

anyway after downtown we came back and went to white spot for dinner. they dont list any nutritional info ANYWHERE (wtf?) but i had a santorini chicken salad, so hopefully that didnt do too much damage. im still 110 this morning, so i guess it was alright lol. after dinner we went back to his house, and he gave me a lovely massage and all that. it was a great day =) i love him so much, i am so lucky to have a guy like him in my life.

so yeah it was a good day overall in terms of food as well, all i had was the salad at white spot (??? cals), one chocolate from my heart from H (75 cals) and a vanilla rooibos tea from starbucks (0 cals!). if anyone knows where i can possibly find info for white spot, please share your knowledge!

i am home alone til about 3.30 today, so lots of time for exercise and not eating =)

i will post more later on, have a great day ladies! i will leave you with some love from my adorable bear =)

s. xo


  1. Well done with your intake! Valentines day can be hard when you have a boyfriend who buys you chocolate! But well done for resisting! :D
    Glad you had a good day :)
    Stay strong x

  2. Happy you had a good day, and well done with the food intake :)
    ps - the teddy looks cuuute! xo