Monday, February 8, 2010

A new week

hey darlings
so yesterday went well! in the morning as planned i had my oatmeal, and then after that all i had were a few bites of salad around 6 o'clock. so i definitely stayed around 300 cals =) aaand this morning, i weighed in at 111.5 lbs. yay.

work wasnt very busy but still it kept me moving around, which is good. i stuck to my water with lemon for the day. the kitchen made up a little dessert plate for us to nibble on ... chocolate cake, apple pastry, mocha cream cake and vanilla ice cream, topped up with chocolate and caramel drizzles ... but i resisted! it kind of grossed me out actually, i stood and watched the other staff stand there and stuff their faces like pigs. meanwhile i felt rather good about myself lol.

anyway a new week is upon us. i am restricting to 400 cals today, as i will probably be forced to eat dinner tonight with the fam. i am going to fast tomorrow, 300 cals on wednesday, fast on thursday, 300 cals on friday, 300 cals on saturday, 500 cals on sunday. i know this seems like a fat weekend but as it is valentines day on sunday i know H will be taking me to a nice restaurant, so even if its just a salad, i'll have to eat.. im going to try and keep my cals as low as possible on friday and saturday.

so this is my plan for the week! hope you girls are all doing well.

tonight the olympic torch is supposed to run right past my house! its sort of exciting, but at the same time it doesnt really seem like a big deal lol. the games start in 5 days or so, so my city will be getting super crazy for the next few weeks. im looking forward to it!

starve on,
s. xo


  1. That's awesome. I love that feeling, when the people around you are stuffing their faces while you get to sit there, resist, and feel better about yourself. I love that. Control. :)

  2. 111 lbs is awesome! way to go!!

  3. 111 is fantastic, way to go! And agreed, there's nothing better then being in that head space where food is like poison to you :) Color me J !