Sunday, February 21, 2010


hey darlings
hope you're all doing better than i am!
i have several things to talk about in this post before i head off to work for the day.

firstly: thank you ladies so much for all your support. i appreciate it more than anything, you are all so kind hearted and encouraging. it makes my day to see that you've left me a comment, to know that you're actually understanding what im going through, that we're all in this together.

secondly: an "anonymous" poster left me a nice little comment on my last entry. the first thing it said was, "I spy a wanna-rexic." the comment was rather long and rude, basically calling me out for being a wannabe and that im just convincing myself i have an eating disorder, etc. well lets just make things clear: nowhere in this blog have i ever stated that i am anorexic or disordered in any way. never have i stated that i want to be anorexic or disordered. i have never been diagnosed with anything. i do realize that anorexia is a horrible disease. my eating habits and the way i go about wanting to lose weight are all my business, and i do what i like, and this is the way i wish to be. so to this "anonymous" poster, please do not be so ignorant. you do not know me.

thirdly: DEADMAU5 WAS AMAZING!!! such a great night. waited in line with M (H didnt end up coming after all, lol) for about an hour an a half.. not bad at all. we got into the venue at around 4, and deadmau5 was scheduled to start at 9.30, however i did not mind waiting at all. there was 8,000 people let into the venue and probably another 8,000 standing outside in hopes of being let in. the show was fantastic, he really tore it up! sported a cool canadian hockey jersey and everything. definitely would love to see him again. ended up getting soo close to him too! the mosh pit was extreme.. got seperated from M almost immediately, and it was quite a task not to get trampled. but i managed to keep my head up, get some great pics/vids and enjoy the show.

lastly: i have not mentioned any of the eating/not eating/calories etc in this post because any track i may have been on, as the title states, is now completely wrecked. since my stupid binge on thursday night, i've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things. tomorrow is monday, so a fresh start for everything. i have not weighed myself since friday morning, but i know i have gained; my stomach is bloated and i can feel the weight on my body. i do not feel well at all. tomorrow, everything will start over new.

hope you all are well!
stay strong.

s. xo


  1. Glad you had a good night! Don't mind that stupid commenter, they don't know anything! Tomorrow new day new start for you and me, good luck :)

  2. Hi hun, ugh please ignore that "anonymous". Clearly they do not know how lovely you are :) Nd anyway, I have an ed and I'd much prefer you not to have one because at least then I know you won't go too far. How you loose weight is your choice and as long as it's not really dangerous then why should anyone tell you differently. It's your life. Hope that makes sense :P *hugs* x

  3. Awesome picture! I'm glad you ended up going and had a great time :)

    I wish people would just mind their own business. Seriously, doesn't this anonymous person have something better to do than pick on people through the faceless medium of the internet? It's just pathetic and spineless to me. Whoever it is should do something with their life, and leave us alone.

    Good luck on Monday! It will be a new week and a fresh start, and I am sure it will get you back into your normal routine :)


  4. OMG awesome! Glad you had a blast!!!

    Screw the binge. It is hard to recover from them, but you will. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day.
    Drink lotsa water to flush out the extra poo ;)

    BTW... I feel so neglected. I never get anonymous(s) on my blog. That would be so fun. Come on over anonymous... poke the bear... I dare you!

    xoxo zen

  5. Thankyou so much for the help and tipssss (:
    Oh and I emailed youuuuu! (: