Saturday, February 27, 2010


hey everyone!
hope your weekends have all gotten off to a good start.

okay so yesterday H's family and i all went out to this indian restaurant for P's 24th birthday. they ordered SO much food, i was like omg... so for dinner i stuck with a few small pieces of butter chicken, and one naan. doesnt sound too bad to me. i know, i bet one naan has about 1000 cals in it, but whatever, i was pretty good for the rest of the day.

after dinner, H, P, S (their sister) and i went to the movies and saw cop out. it was pretty funny! the boys devoured most of the popcorn before i could get to it, so i only had like half a handful. their sister S is so skinny.. she's 27, tall and slim and quite pretty. pretty sure she doesnt like me very much though; shes actually not a very nice person, always making things hard on their mom and being a brat and thinking only of herself, etc. if i didnt know better i would think she was 13 because of her immature attitude. and i am often subject to evil glares when we are around each other. whatever though.. she still lives at home, but is rarely there whenever i am because she is always with her boyfriend in the city. and im totally fine with not seeing her lol.

thinking of maybe weighing myself today... will update you girls later if i do.

today happens to be my grandmother's 86th birthday. she is so cute. she's a bit senile though, so being around her for too long can become a bit wearing, but she's a doll, always making dirty jokes and things like that lol. anyway my mother and two aunts are taking her to the casino (her favourite!) for the afternoon and then to a movie. afterwards, we are gathering at my aunts house to have chinese food for dinner.. ugh. theres going to be loads of family there so nobody will notice if i pick at my food and barely eat. in fact, i could likely get away with not eating at all, but after dinner im going out to a party with my girlfriend V and we will be drinking and i have no desire to become ill tonight due to drinking on an empty stomach =) so i will have a few noodles and maybe an egg roll or something.

i know i've mentioned M to you guys before, but i think i have yet to mention V. M and V are my two best friends in the world. they are amazing ladies. i've known V since we were 5 years old, and only met M about 6 years ago but it feels like i've known her my whole life. i couldnt ask for better girlfriends. M is the down to earth, sweet-but-tells-it-like-it-is kind of girl. V is completely boy crazy, always has a guy on the go (not to the extent of L, previously mentioned.. and thank god lol), but i always have loads of fun with her. i trust both these girls with anything, we all know each others' secrets. but they dont know about this one. i dont really know what they would do if they found out, either. i am definitely the thinnest out of the three of us (just to put things in perspective: i am white, M is philippina, and V is spanish. we are all shorter than 5'2", and all have pretty similar body shapes.) M is the heaviest... she is super athletic though. her mom does a lot of cooking, same with V's mom, cause food is such a big part of their culture, and it shows on both of them. I would put V between us; she isnt really fat or really thin. just average.

now i love my girls to death and feel bad picking at their weight, but we rarely eat healthy when we are all together. V works at (gasp) mcdonalds, M works at a breakfast restaurant and i work in a dinner restaurant/pub. whenever we hang out, we usually eat at one of our work places, more often than not, mcdonalds lol. we always have our girls nights, where we will drink and smoke a little too much, get the munchies and just pig out.. we are all paying the price. i wish so bad that i could tell them how i really am, how i really feel, how i really think. not to toot anyones horn, but we are a gorgeous little group; my two friends are very good looking, and i cant help but think, how much more beautiful would we be if we were all skinny?

anyway enough about all that lol. sorry that went on a bit longer than intended.

so in my last post i mentioned piercings and tattoos.. for those who asked, i will be getting a quote from the book, "Petit Prince", or as you may know it in english, "The Little Prince", by antoine de saint-exupery. if you havnt read it, you should. its a short book, but the message is powerful. i am fluent in french, and went to french school, so i read this book in maybe the 10th grade. the quote is:

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur; L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

a rough translation of this is, "our eyes are blind; the essential things in life are only visible to the heart." its much prettier in french lol. i would get it on my left side, on my ribcage, in delicate handwriting. i just think its completely true! in the end, material things arent whats important, and you can sure see love and emotion with your heart better than with your eyes.

anyway i am rambling and rambling so i will let you girls get on with your day.. hope its a good one, i'll post later tonight, or tomorrow morning as i'll probably be too drunk for a proper post tonight haha.

love you all, and thank you again for all your beautiful comments!!
s. xo


  1. That is such a gorgeous sentiment; it will be great for a tattoo! It's so much better when tattoos mean something, and that definitely has meaning.

    I understand about the friend thing. I love my friends to death, but sometimes I look at some of them and just think that they would be even better looking and prettier if they lost a little weight. I would never tell that to their face, though!


  2. ahhh... so your the skinny bitch in your clique. There is always one. I am not. I hate being the "fat" one.
    That tattoo is going to be lovely. It is very well thought out too. I hope you post a pic of it for us!!

    xoxo zen

  3. i love the little prince! also that's my favorite spot for tattoos.
    glad things are going well for you, you sound happy!
    i totally know what you mean about the heavier friends. i have one friend who has the perfect proportions but she's overweight, and she would just look amazinggg if she lost it. of course, she's been close to like 3 people with eating disorders in her life and she's scared out of her mind she'll get one, so i don't think losing is really an option to her. too scary.

    hope the rest of your weekend went well!