Tuesday, February 9, 2010


... no, i didnt binge on them, i baked them! and i didnt have a single taste of the batter as i was doing so. since today is a fast day i had to keep myself busy, and i've always loved to bake. i thought it might be kind of risky since cookie dough is so damn tasty and it would be right in front of my face and all over my hands. but i resisted! they smell so good but it kind of helped me not want them as i watched all the fatty margarine and sugar and crap go into them. technically they are "healthy" cookies (only 155 cals each) so maybe tomorrow i will allow myself one as a treat. while sticking to less than 300 cals, of course!

so, good news! this morning i weighed in at 110 lbs. im stoked that this weight is coming off so easily, but i know that only means i'll hit my plateau sooner, something im not looking forward to at all. any tips for beating plateaus that you guys have reached?

i did well yesterday too, sticking to less than 400 cals. for a snack after school i had a quarter of a bag of heartsmart popcorn (80 cals) and for dinner i had a 6 inch turkey breast subway, with cucumbers, olives, lettuce and tomatoes on 9-grain wheat bread (only 280 cals!). so i in fact stayed below 400, with a total of 360. =)

anyway my dear followers, i hope you are all doing well. i want to thank each of you again for the support and love you guys are giving. it really means a lot to me! it makes me so proud when i read your blog updates and see that you have had good, strong days, and it makes me even prouder to see that if you have had a bad day, that you're strong enough to pick yourselves up and get right back on the wagon. you are all inspirations!!

love, love, love
s. xo

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