Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phew ...

thank you ladies for all your comments.. they really reassure me and make me feel a bit better when i fuck up lol. it is much appreciated =)

so i fasted all day yesterday as planned and then broke with dinner with the fam. i thought we would be going out so i just planned to order a salad, but instead we stayed in and my mom made chili. i had just a small bit, probably a cup and a half (gonna say 450 cals) and then because i was forced, a small slice of garlic toast (100 cals).

i planned for that to be all i ate yesterday, i was aiming for less than 500 but 550 was okay. so off we all go to the hockey game, and i did well resisting hot dogs and pop and all that =) but i caved a bit and had a few handfuls of popcorn (70 cals). i was a bit disappointed with myself but whatever, i thought, i'll just make up for it tomorrow.

we get home, H and i relax and watch some tv, the fam goes to bed. around 11:30 he comments that he is hungry. now you should all know, H is kind of a big guy. not like super fat or anything lol but he's about 6'3" tall and around 200 lbs. he's mostly muscle but has a bit of a belly haha, either way the point im making is he likes to eat A LOT. so he says, lets go through mcdonalds. and im like no, if we're gonna eat at least lets have something healthy. anyway i dont know what happened but we ended up at the drive through and i got two cheeseburgers (600 cals) and had a few of his fries (100 cals). im SO choked at myself for caving.. like ugh i was doing so well.

anyway all that adds my daily cal count to 1320 cals. and this morning, i am only up .5, back to 112.5 lbs. hmm.

my plan today is to drink water like crazy, hopefuly flush some of that nasty crap out, fast all up until dinner, H and i are going out to a restaurant and i have already looked online at their nutritional value and will be having an apple harvest chicken salad, minus the candied walnuts and with no dressing (316 cals). then NO MORE FOOD AFTER THAT. seriously.

i work 12-8 on sunday, so i will have a small bowl of oatmeal (160 cals) before i go to work to keep me from snacking while i'm there, and then i think that will be all. i'm still aiming for my goal of 106 by march 8 (hopefully i'll be less by then!), so im gonna try my hardest. no more mcdonalds!!!

keep up the good work ladies
and thank you darlings so much for your comments
they mean a lot =)

s. xo

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