Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fast Day 1 of 3, complete!

a good day today! god sometimes i feel as if my life is one big obstacle course... dodging meals all the time lol.

i got a lot done today! i got up at 7.30, showered, and cleaned my room. at 9.30, i walked 45 minutes to H's house, where i managed to avoid eating for the whole time! a miracle lol. we hung out til about 3, and i went and picked up my brother from school. my brother, R, is 16, you can imagine he eats loads.. typical growing teen boy haha. anyway he wanted to go to tim hortons, so we go and again i am able to resist! im such a sucker for their sandwiches, i thought i was going to cave when i caught scent of them, but then i remembered you girls and i stayed strong =)

came home and left for work without seeing my mom, so dinner was easily skipped. and work was simple, all i had to do was actually look at how the food is stored and prepped! thats enough to turn my appetite right off. gross but effective!

anyway now i am laying in bed, ready to fall asleep on an empty stomach, and wake up to an even emptier one. im going to be home alone all day tomorrow and then work at 5, so the fast shall continue. im steadily drinking lemon water, ive peed like 50 times today lol, im already starting to feel much emptier and cleaner.

something kinda funny, ive never heard of pancake day before, and now im reading all your blogs and several of you mention it. when i got home from work, my mom was in bed, and she was like "oh theres pancakes in the fridge if you're hungry, we made them for pancake day." like wtf is this pancake day ive never heard of before? i know it has to do with lent, other than that im clueless lol. however, i do hear those pancakes calling my name =( maybe i will make some as a treat for myself on the weekend. only if i complete the fast though!

another hello to all the new members of my little band of followers =) its nice to get in touch with all of you! just a side note, if anyone would like a text or email/msn buddy or anything like that for support and such, let me know! i realize many of you are located in the states or the uk, but im sure if we wanted to we could figure something out.

anyway darlings stay strong and think thin!! we will reach our goals if we can hold our focus.

much love,
s. xo


  1. Good job with day 1!
    Pancake day is just the name we use for Shrove Tuesday - it's when people who fasted over lent used to use all of their food in the house (eggs, flour, milk, etc.) which made pancakes :)
    I live in the UK, so a text buddy i out of the question :( but i'd really appreciate an msn buddy!
    It's hard hiding it from everyone, and sometimes you just really want someone to talk to!
    Make sure you don't give in today!
    Day 2, come on, you can do it! :D

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  4. Hahaha, I know! I hadn't heard of pancake day before either! I just figured it was part of Mardi Gras.

    Stay strong!

  5. Yer doing great! Fricken pancake day? Really?! That is just awful. I am so glad I live alone.

    xoxo zen

  6. Haha theres really a pancake day? Wow. They really have a day for everything dont they..

    Well done on your fast day! Keep up the good work my dear