Monday, February 15, 2010

Vanilla Rooibos Tea...

... is delicious! and 0 cals! my new favourite thing from starbucks. i once again found myself dragged there by a friend today, and anyone whos ever met me knows its basically an obsession of mine lol.. so it appears suspicious if we go and i dont get anything. anyway this tea is super good, i find it a bit more enjoyable with a packet or two of splenda =) plus its cheap too, the venti size is like $2.50 !

today was alright... i had a cup and a half of berries (120 cals) and half a peanut butter sandwich with banana (225 cals), my VR tea from starbucks (0 cals) and unfortunately did a little too much snacking on my valentines day chocolate from H ... four pieces (300 cals .. yikes). so my total for today is 645. not bad, could be better.

i feel so.. dirty inside. like everything i consume is polluting me. its hard to explain, but im sure a few of you know what im talking about. so in an attempt to cleanse myself im going to do a three day water fast (tuesday, wednesday and thursday). i'll break the fast on friday morning with a small bowl of oatmeal with berries. this just feels necessary right now, plus im like already plateauing at 110, i've been stuck here for a few days now!

my mom caught me weighing myself yesterday. she seemed a bit concerned.. i just told her i was curious about my weight, as i hadnt weighed myself in a long time. she bought it. ive been bugging her to buy us a new scale, ours is ancient, i'll either be really disappointed or really pleased when we buy a new one; i know its not accurate right now. hopefully its telling me im heavier than i actually am instead of the other way around!

im supposed to go to a free concert on friday, one of my favourite DJs, deadmau5, is playing a show downtown! its going to be madness. they are expecting upwards of 15,000 people to show up to this event! im beyond excited! hopefully the rain holds off, as its going to be in a park outdoors. but whatever even if it rains, i'll just wear my wellies and a raincoat! gotta get my mau5 fix! anyone who likes house/electro style music should definitely check out his mixes, they will blow your mind.

anyway dolls i hope you all had a lovely day. wish me luck with the fast!

starve on,


  1. Good luck with the fast! :) Hope it goes well. I have the scales in the bathroom, so whenever I weigh myself I pretend to be going to the bathroom, so I flush the toilet step on, step off, and nobody realises! Works like a charm because the scale I have is really old, and also kind of loud? Strange but true! Anyway good luck!

  2. Three day fast! This is going to be hard, but I know you can do it! Just don't give up honey!
    You definately have the strength to do a liquid fast, now prove it to us all and make us proud :)

  3. polluting, that's a good word...though I'm sorry you feel that way. If it's any consolation then I get what you mean...feel the same. I'm gonna keep the tea in mind too, sounds good. Take care x

  4. I'm definitely going to check out mau5 - thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Hey...sorry it took me so long to comment you backk. Thankyou so much, everything you said was like a really good idea. I'm gonna try to set like smaller goals, because then I'll reach them more often. I hope it workss. I just wish this didn't take me so longggg. I'm just gonna try my best thoughh.

    But otherwwisee, if you really wanted to, I think it would be like really cool to be text buddies (: I have been constantly thinking that maybe if I just had someone to talk to when I was thinking about food then things would be bettter. But yeah, if you want to I'm up for thattt (: Anyway, good luck with everythingggg!


  6. Am def gonna try that tea today when my gf's and I go to Starbucks.
    I love the word "polluting". many will agree.
    That is the reason non-dieters fast... to remove toxins from their bodies.
    I love how light and energized it makes me feel.
    3 days will be a snap... load up on tons of liquids.

    xoxo zen