Sunday, March 7, 2010

weird weekend

hey guys, sorry ive not really had much to post about over the past few days...

friday was a good day, i made the banana ice cream stuff (180 cals) and it was nothing really like ice cream lol, more just like creamy banana mush.. pretty tasty either way though! i had that an one grape (2 cals) and two almonds (14 cals) for breakfast, so 196 to start my day. went to the mall with H, didnt buy anything though. then we went to the beach cause the weather was amazing, it was the most beautiful day we've had in a long time! managed not to eat up til dinner time, H insisted on going to white spot (fucking hate eating there cause for some reason they have no nutritional info anywhere on the web!) and i had the meditterranean chicken salad.. basically chicken, lettuce/spinach, cucumbers, olives, peppers and onions, no dressing. i guess 350 cals? anyway then H ordered dessert for us, the mini hot fudge brownie, and i only had two bites of it so i dont know, 50 cals? that puts me at around 596 for the day. higher than i would have liked but whatever.

yesterday was a pretty shitty day.. dont really feel like going into detail, but i ate alot, H and i fought, M pissed me off, i cried, was grumpy and felt like i had wasted my whole saturday.

so here i am on sunday morning, still havnt gotten out of bed yet. i dont want to eat anything today. i am back down to 109.5 lbs, but it doesnt really look like it cause my stomach is so bloated for some reason. it looks like im fucking pregnant. really odd though, cause my hipbones are becoming much more visible, yet my stomach seems to stick out farther and farther.. wtf?

i kind of want to go get pierced today. i know i was talking about a tattoo for when i reach 100 lbs, but i think i'll just wait til my birthday in october for that. in the meantime though, i think i've settled on the VCH piercing... just seems really fun to me!

also, hello to my new followers =) hope you are all well, thanks for following.

anyway hope you lovely people have a nice day, i'll post again before i go to bed.

stay skinny,
s. xo

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  1. OMG, had to look up what that piercing was. Yep... sounds like a blast!

    Hope your day and tummy gets better.

    xoxo zen