Tuesday, March 2, 2010

getting a grip

hello ladies !
i had a very good day today. stuck to my plan, didnt snack, did quite well =)

for breakfast i had my oatmeal (160 cals) and a kiwi fruit (40 cals) as planned. that was going to be it for the day but M stopped by unexpectedly with a skinny vanilla latte (90 cals) for me.. thank god it was skinny =) i managed to miss dinner completely, and at work i didnt have a single bite of anything, a single french fry, nothing! just some tea near the end of my shift (2 cals).

so that brings my total for the day to 292 calories, 92 of which are liquid. i am very okay with this !! work was busy too, so i was running around a lot, definitely got a bit of a workout. also, i drank SOOO much freaking water today... and i feel great, i probably peed like twenty times. i have this great water bottle, its like a whole litre, i probably refilled it 6 or 7 times today between 10am and 5pm! my mom bought some lime juice, so i flavoured my water with that instead of lemon juice today. im still meaning to go to the store so i can buy some packets of crystal light to make my water more exciting.

so tomorrow im aiming for the same type of day. i have school from 10-2, so ill eat breakfast before then and hopefully i'll be able to miss dinner again because i have work starting at 5. i hope its as good as today was!

i know its only been one day of getting my shit together, but im starting to feel better already. i really need to try hard to stick to this! hope you girls have a great week.

think thin always!
s. xo


  1. ahh good job! your day went better than mine but it honestly has filled me with so much hope! we can totally do this!
    love&luck (though right now you hardly seem to need it) :)

  2. Awesome intake today! I love those huge water bottles, especially because then I know how much I am drinking throughout the day. Stay strong! xo