Thursday, March 4, 2010

fast day complete !

hey friends =)
hope you're all well! today, i planned to fast, and i pulled it off. didnt eat a single nibble of anything all day... all i had was bottle after bottle of lime water and one vanilla rooibos tea from starbucks (0 cals!)

also, walked 45 mins to H's house this morning, and then from there, 30 mins to school. and then running around at work from 5 - 9.30, my legs are damn tired! its kind of odd though... all this exercise and no intake at all, and i dont even feel hungry. my stomach has growled maybe twice today lol. oh well at least i know im empty and i feel good about it =)

so plan for tomorrow: im so sorry i cant remember who's blog i found this on, but it is a recipe for ice cream made just from bananas! or something like it anyway. you throw a few frozen bananas in a blender and just blend away until they are completely dissolved.. apparently the consistency is like ice cream? i dont know, but i think im gonna try that for breakfast instead of my oatmeal. two bananas should still come to around 200 cals, a bit less. then after that no more food til dinner.. still not sure if we are going out or not. ill only eat dinner if we end up going out i guess.

in other news... got my period today, already feeling the period bloat and grossness coming on. cramps are brutal =( oh and just a question in case anyone knows.. on the label for my centrum forte, it says do not take less than two hours before or four hours after other meds.. does this inclue ibuprophen and antihistamines? i take two ibuprophens and a reactin pill every morning for my back/leg pain and my allergies, and its kind of a pain to remember to take my mulitvitamin in the middle of the day, or 4 hours later lol. it would be preferable to just take them all at once! the label isnt very specific, so i dont know if it means medication like meds in general or like medication medication... you know what i mean lol.

i am currently reading a great book, its called the lost symbol, by dan brown. he's the guy who wrote angels and demons, and the da vinci code. its an awesome read if you enjoyed those books, i recommend it! i have been meaning to get to the library and pick up a copy of wasted by marya hornbacher, defs want to read that soon. anyone seen any good movies lately? anything you can recommend to me?

anyway thats all for now, im super tired sooo gonna try and get a solid 8 hours sleep!

stay focused ladies =)
s. xo

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  1. ok so here is the thing! it's not recomended to take vitamins or any other medication at the same time, i mean mixing two meds, but if you take your ibuprohen for your leg ache just one hour after it should be ok, but the trick is not to take them with an empty stomach cause it can cause you digestic problems cause the acid you produce in order to disolve just one pill is too much for jut it! i recomend you to take them after breakfast, lunch and dinner (each one after 8 hours)

    lol and try fruppes they are great!
    you just need a mixer and ice! it's really great!
    add 1/2 cup of fruit and 1 cup of ice and you mixed it and that's it! for summer is great!