Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hey everyone
today was both good and bad... lets start off with the good.

i had my breakfast this morning, oatmeal (160 cals) and an apple (60 cals), for a 220 cal meal. i went off to school, and my class got let out early today. i was walking towards the bus stop when i thought hey, why dont i just walk home? now im always up for nice long walks and exercise, but this long walk would be REALLY long. like, almost two hours long. but hey, i had nothing better to do. so i walked, two hours, home.

finally arrived home, jumped in the shower and took a short nap. my mom was out getting groceries, so i thought i would be able to escape dinner altogether before work, but my dad got home about half an hour before i was to leave, and he forced me to eat. so i had a bowl of chicken soup (100 cals) which wasnt too bad, considering all the exercise i had just gotten. anyway i get to work, and within an hour of being there, i caved =( there was a mistake fried rice sitting in the back.. i stood and stared at it for probably 5 minutes before eating, trying so hard to convince myself NO. but i couldnt.. i failed. i ate a few mouthfuls of it, and then a bite or two of chocolate cake, and then a whole god damn chicken sandwich. what the fuck samantha?!?! i wasnt even hungry!

sooo im trying to work out the cals in my head a bit.. work was super super busy so i was running a lot, plus the 2 hour walk, that must be a lot of cals burnt? hopefully it sort of evens out the cals i ingested. ewww. tomorrow will be a fast day! just cause i feel like it, not really to punish myself. water and tea only.

so here is my plan for tomorrow:

get up around 9, shower, get ready for the day
leave the house at 11, walk to H's (about a 40 min walk)
arrive there probably 11.45, hang out with him til 1.30 (NO EATING)
leave at 1.30, walk to school from his house (about 20 mins)
class from 2-4, mom will pick me up from school at 4.15
start work at 5, so hopefully i will avoid dinner
dont fucking eat at work ! good grief.
probably be there til 10 or 10.30, straight to bed when i get home.

sound good? yes. lots of walking and exercise tomorrow. i want to wake up on friday feeling empty empty empty. i may be going out for dinner with some friends on friday night, if that is the case i wont eat breakfast or anything before that. hopefully we go to red robin or something, they have that great huge salad that is like 320 cals. saturday i will be drinking heavily, its a friend's birthday, soo i'll probably eat breakfast on saturday and then a very small little something before the party just so i dont puke lol.

so disappointed that i caved at work, i was doing so good too =( hmph. fuck you stomach.

anyway.. hope you girls all had a good day! lets make tomorrow an even better one!

love you all,
s. xo


  1. great! fasting together, perfect. even more motivation.
    clearly, you can do it. you've been doing so well!
    love&luck. <3

  2. hey! the shakes I drink I don't make- I buy them at wal*mart. They're really healthy- much better than slimfast or anything. They're called "EAS" shakes, and they're the low carb version. They have 17g of protein (and I'm all about protein) 2 carbs maybe, and only 110 calories. The chocolate are really no good (and I even looove chocolate) and the vanilla are AWESOME> The strawberry taste just like the berries in captain crunch, so they're my favorite! itsd like 5 dollars for four, and I replace two meals with them, so it comes out to aboooout, 30 dollars for two weeks. not too bad!