Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fat fat fat

i am fat.
i am not in a good mood today...

this morning my mom made a huge breakfast for everyone.. scrambled eggs with salsa and bacon on english muffins.. so good but fatty =( after that my family and i went out to costco to get pictures taken for our passports (surprise surprise, i looked about 200 lbs in mine). afterwards, my dad and brother claimed to be starving so they wanted to go out for lunch. i was already ready to be done eating for the day thanks to the huge breakfast we had. but no, they were hungry so we went out.

i was at least hoping we could go somewhere where i could order a salad, but nope, we ended up going to a little burger shack place. burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes and pop only. good lord kill me now. i had a hotdog and a banana milkshake, dont even want to know the cals.

after that i went to H's house, we played some video games and i avoided eating there. i went straight to work from there at 5, so i missed dinner. didnt eat at work, and i was just on my way home when a friend who works in the kitchen called me over. he had just cooked up some new wok dish, and wanted someone to try it. he said "you look hungry, come eat this and tell me what you think." i looked hungry? ugh. i couldnt really say no, so i took a bite.. and another.. and another.. pretty much inhaled the whole thing.

anyway so there you have it, i am as fat as can be.

oh yeah, my mom made cookies. i've had about twelve so far. someone just needs to come and sew my mouth closed!

maybe i can fast tomorrow... if i can, i will!

take care lovelies,
s. xo


  1. I'm sorry you had one of those days, but you can do better tomorrow, xo.

  2. Here...

    sewn shut

    Hope that teaches you!

    xoxo zen


  4. We all have our bad days. It could have been worse, it could always have been worse.


  5. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...new day :D Food free if you wish...and lol to the pic from Zen :P xoxo