Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long day ahead..

my weight is now 115.. down an lb ! =)

today i will be working 12-8, so that is a good excuse for me not to eat (or eat very minimally) all day. nobody will be watching me too closely so nothing will appear suspicious! i will allow myself water and coffee for while im at work.

i am restricting to 300 cals.

i want to fast this week starting monday (tomorrow).
it is the start of a new month so its a fresh start for me as well
if i can hold the fast until wednesday, ill see how i feel and maybe extend it to friday. ill be drinking loads of water, and coffee if i need to. wish me luck with this!

i dont really care for my job, but i do appreciate that its quite strenuous and very active. i work in a restaurant, so i am constantly running around, with very little rest. great for burning cals and getting exercise! the only downside is that of course, everywhere i look, there is food. and its good food. i have to try soo hard not to pig out everytime there is food for the staff.. the kitchen always gives us treats like chocolate cake and deep fried squid and french fries and UGH everything there is so unhealthy.

then again, i get a lot of my reverse thinspo at my workplace. countless fat/obese people come in everyday and gorge themselves on pizza, woks, ribs, wings, etc. just shovelling it down. watching it makes me sick.

so as long as i can resist all the delicious food around me, i should be okay for today.

think thin!
s. xo

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