Friday, January 29, 2010

Good morningggg

this morning my weight is 116 lbs.
yuck yuck yuck.

the first goal i am setting is
106 lbs by march 8th.
think i can do it?

for anyone who hasnt seen it already,
i totally recommend
its great, really detailed and helpful for losing weight!

today i might be going to look at cars with my boyfriend
(we'll call him H)
and then later tonight im going to party with my girls
so it should be a fun day !

tomorrow i am going my grandma's house with the fam for brunch
hopefully i can use a hangover as an excuse not to eat loads
my grandma is defs the type to put 4 helpings of everything on your plate
and then pester you to have seconds and thirds and desert and everything
gonna have to up my willpower
cause she makes some damn tasty food
but i'll be strong !

s. xo


  1. fitday is good, but you'll like better... at least I did. Way more food choices and its more interactive :)

  2. thanks! ill be sure to check it out