Thursday, January 28, 2010


hello fellow bloggers.
let me begin by introducing myself
i am samantha, im 18 and i have pretty bad issues with weight and food
thats mostly what this blog is gonna be about i guess
that and my other random life happenings
soo read if you're interested, comment if you care enough
or ignore it all together lol.

im a generally happy person
i have great friends and a lovely bf
a good family and good home and all that
but one thing i have never been happy with is my body.
in fact, im more than unhappy with it.
i hate it.

maybe in some future posts ill post pics
but not right now, im too much of a cow
i dont wanna gross anyone out.

im definitely not obese or anything
just way too large for my liking.
so as i embark on this journey to maybe find some happiness
lose some (lots of) weight and not look like a whale
your thoughts, comments, criticisms and support is much appreciated.

i already keep up with a few blogs about weight and ED and ana etc.
i guess thats what inspired me to start my own
so here goes !

s. xo

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